Some mathematical challenges for ecology

By ecology we mean here everything that could help avoid the threatening ecological disaster, in particular

The principle of this web page is to classify by mathematical speciality some difficult unsolved mathematical problems whose solution would be useful for ecology. In this way ordinary mathematicians (like me), without competence in ecology but concerned by the threatening ecological disaster, could find quickly informations about the problems that arise in their own speciality.
For the moment, this page is under construction. It will remain very incomplete, and reflect my personal interests. If the concept is good, I hope other webpages like this will be created, refer to each other, and copy from each other.

First we indicate some general websites, and some general books and texts on Mathematics and Ecology

The rest of this webpage is a collection of weblinks for some unsolved mathematical problems whose solution would be helpful for ecology.
The arts of modelling and computing in practical problems are beyond the scope of this webpage. Also we do not include here problems whose solution uses already known mathematical tools.
We give a list of problems for each mathematical speciality. The classification is essentially taken from arXiv, except a new item "Mathematics for economy" to study the economic aspects of ecological taxes and subsidies.
Algebraic geometry, algebra and number theory; Analysis of PDEs; Category Theory and Logic; Classical Analysis and ODEs; Combinatorics; Complex Variables; Differential Geometry; Dynamical Systems; Functional Analysis; General Mathematics; History and Overview; Information Theory; Game Theory; Graph Theory; Mathematics for economy; Mathematical Physics; Metric Geometry; Numerical Analysis; Operator Algebras, K-Theory and Homology; Optimization and Control; Probability; Quantum Algebra; Representation Theory and groups; Spectral Theory; Statistics Theory; Symplectic Geometry; Topology